A New Leader in the Clubhouse

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When winning is losing. An exciting part of helping people with their portfolios is seeing what kind of BS they’ve been stuck with, and then reversing it immediately. Usually, the most common culprits are high-fee funds with fancy names. This week produced an all-time worst. Behold, Legg Mason’s QS Global Market Neutral Fund. Ticker: LNFIX. This particular younger client was stuck with this fund comprising 100% of two different IRAs they own, likely because it was very profitable for someone to do so, and the expense ratio is, get ready for it… No, I don’t think you’re ready yet… Have you grabbed a paper bag in anticipation of hyperventilating?… Get one. Take a deep breath… Grip the bag and put …

Q4 Client Letter

Tyler Linsten Client Letters, Sarcasm

Yes, we’re halfway through the first quarter. Yes, I forgot to post this in January. You’ll still read it, won’t you? I hope so. [gview file=”https://aldercovecapital.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Q4-2017-Client-Letter.pdf”]

An Update On My Personal Portfolio

Tyler Linsten Investing, Personal Finance, Sarcasm

We’re beginning to wind down the year so I figured it would be fun to give a you a look “behind the curtain” of all the transactions I’ve made within my own portfolio in 2017. A lot of times clients probably wonder what I do with my own money so here’s a transparent look at the moves I’ve made…   Short-Term Trades Inspired By Over-Caffeinated Options Pit Trader Featured on CNBC:         Volatility ETF Short Sales:         Speculative Cryptocurrency Moonshot Bets:         Day Trades:         Night Trades:         Mid-Afternoon Trades:         Reactionary Put Option Buys in Response to Political Skullduggery:     …

Your Guide to Brexit

Tyler Linsten Investing, Sarcasm

The UK’s now-infamous referendum vote to exit the European Union on Thursday – being dubbed “Brexit” – will probably reverberate throughout the financial system for a while, much like events in Greece seemed to never go away. One could pontificate, prognosticate and predict this thing to death, but I won’t. I’ve just created a handy chart, so feel free to refer to it when feeling anxious about all things Brexit: All comedy aside, could the UK’s exit from the European Union spread into a contagion-like event, creating a much bigger issue like EU existentialism? Sure, it’s certainly possible. Even if that happened it’s important to look back and consider the resilience of markets in the face of world wars, economic …