Good advice is worthless if it isn’t affordable.

It also isn’t helpful if clients don’t understand what they’re paying. As a fee-only investment advisor, the only revenue earned by Alder Cove Capital, LLC comes from client advisory fees. No commissions, no referral bonuses, no 12b-1 fees, no BS. It’s simple:

Ongoing Portfolio Management with Comprehensive Financial Planning

0.50% per year on assets under advisement 

Minimum cost: $125/month per client household

Maximum cost: $333.33/month per client household

(Yes – fees are capped. This fee structure is designed to feel like a subscription model for clients)

— or —

One-Time Financial Planning Services

Cost per client engagement varies based on complexity

Some clients may want to discuss a specific planning project like college planning, a future wedding or advice on a workplace retirement plan, so they opt for a one-time planning engagement. Others just want to get a feel for the process without feeling like they’re making a long-term commitment. The process is exactly the same as ongoing portfolio management (above) but typically concludes with the delivery of a specific set of recommendations without a continuous relationship.