An Update On My Personal Portfolio

Tyler Linsten Investing, Personal Finance, Sarcasm

We’re beginning to wind down the year so I figured it would be fun to give a you a look “behind the curtain” of all the transactions I’ve made within my own portfolio in 2017. A lot of times clients probably wonder what I do with my own money so here’s a transparent look at the moves I’ve made…


Short-Term Trades Inspired By Over-Caffeinated Options Pit Trader Featured on CNBC:





Volatility ETF Short Sales:





Speculative Cryptocurrency Moonshot Bets:





Day Trades:





Night Trades:





Mid-Afternoon Trades:





Reactionary Put Option Buys in Response to Political Skullduggery:





3x Leveraged ETF Buys:





Late-to-the-Party Amazon Investments:





Trendy Tesla Short-Sales:





Complete Account Liquidations in Response to Kim Jong-un Threats:





Trades Made on My Smartphone:





Trades Made on My Smartwatch:





Trades Made on My Smart Day of the Week, Thursdays:





Days, Year-to-Date, I’ve Done Absolutely Nothing:

  • 319, as of 11/15/2017