What I Believe

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In order to get a better idea of what I’m all about, and assuming you’ve already checked out the FAQ, here’s where I stand on many key investing topics. I might have also snuck one other topic in there.

To challenge myself (and to avoid putting you to sleep), I’ve addressed each topic in ten words or less.

Active/Passive: invest passively and pay less to get more. Good deal.

Annuities: useful for the risk intolerant but always opaque and expensive.

Debt: sometimes a necessary evil, extinguish as early as reasonable.

Economics/Economic Forecasts: rarely accurate, typically biased, fun graphs at least.

Emergency Accounts: absolutely necessary, don’t leave home without one.

Fees: major drag on returns, rarely justified, must minimize.

Fiduciary Duty: would you trust someone who’s not required to serve YOU?

Financial Plans: need to be simple, actionable, readable. Unfortunately, usually >50 pages.

Hedge Funds: misunderstood, but not suitable for the average investor.

Inflation: unrelenting, often underestimated, must always be considered.

Investor Psychology: unbelievably important. Emotion must be minimized.

Gold/Commodities: gold a relic, commodities provide little else but potential diversification.

Life Insurance: sold by a broker, therefore requires heavy scrutiny. Still – important.

Mutual Funds: usually vehicle for brokers/managers to cash in – be careful.

(Sorry, brokers)

Politics: market likes DC away from headlines, so I do too.

Risk: not volatility – the probability of incurring a loss.

Seattle Mariners: it takes more than ten words to describe the pain.

Taxes: aim to minimize, but not at any cost.

Is there anything else you think I should address? Let me know!