Q3 Client Letter

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Wherein I leave a Bitcoin Easter egg. [gview file=”https://aldercovecapital.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Q3-2017-Client-Letter.pdf”]

Jerry Seinfeld’s Perfect Investing Analogy

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Although, he (probably) didn’t realize it.  Netflix is out with a new Jerry Seinfeld stand-up special. I loved it. Is there anyone else is the world who can pull off “clean” comedy like Jerry? I don’t think so. Little did he know, Seinfeld made a wonderful investing analogy for the “active vs. passive” debate where investors battle over whether it’s best to own index funds or to try to pick winning individual stocks. When talking about his own anxiety at the prospect of making small talk with random members of the audience, or the public at large, he states: “I can talk to all of you, but I can’t talk to any of you.” Do you see the parallel? Applied …

Fine, Let’s Talk About Trump

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The embargo ends. I’ve avoided him on this blog for the most part, but Donald J. Trump is the 800-pound gorilla in the room universe right now. There’s no sense in being “apolitical” if politics are at the forefront of what’s making markets and to a certain extent, humanity, move right now (whether forward or backward). Thankfully, my point you’ll discover here is one of optimism so no matter who you support I believe the conclusion is something to think about. *** INFLAMMATORY POLITICAL MUDSLINGING TO FOLLOW *** Let me be crystal clear: I believe Trump as President is a negative development for mankind. I see no reason to believe anything Donald Trump has said or done is going to …

Christmas in May

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Well, technically it was in April, but we can still celebrate the good news this month.  Vanguard is at it again, quickly following up Christmas in February. They have announced another round of cuts to expense ratios and shareholders win again. Here’s a look at the new rates for this round, there’s a good chance you own a handful of these if you’re a client: Cheers!

Mr. Money’s Misguided Mustache

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A few weeks ago, the unofficial king of the do-it-yourself, financial-independence/retire-early investing crowd, Pete Adeney, AKA Mr. Money Mustache, updated his post on his Lending Club “experiment.” I’ve been a vocal critic of Pete’s because I feel the influence he commands with his blog has led him to be a bit slimy. Long story short, Pete sets up affiliate marketing relationships with the products he recommends and in turn he makes a shitload of money from his blog ($400,000 per year) when people sign up for these products or view ads. My beef with him got started after Lending Club was revealed to have acted to defraud its investors (they lied about the loans they sold to institutional investors and also had …