Let’s Critique Another Seattle Times Money Makeover

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The Bad CD Advice Edition. This violation isn’t as bad as the last one, so it’s got that going for it (which is nice).  This week’s “Money Makeover” in the Seattle Times is, overall, pretty harmless. I think the planners provided reasonable recommendations and the subject will likely be better off if she abides by the prescription. But there’s just that one part. It’s like when you see a single small chunk of your car that you missed when you washed it in the driveway. Once you notice it you can’t look away, and you must blog about it. This week’s subject was Morgan, a unicorn, er, a Millennial with no debt, no credit card, and lives within her means. …

When Does Portfolio Management Become Portfolio Mismanagement?

Tyler Linsten Investing, Personal Finance

“I know it when I see it,” and I’ve seen it in The Seattle Times. Let’s start with some background. Portfolio management is not a science, despite the profession’s diligent and extremely lucrative attempt to prove otherwise. In fact, “portfolio management as a science” has probably been the driving factor behind the biggest transfer of wealth known to mankind; the flow of money from ignorant investors to the pockets of high-fee fund managers. Can you really blame either party? For decades, we’ve seen the brightest minds of graduating classes across the country make their pilgrimage to Wall Street to reap the benefits of sitting behind very expensive desks, pretending to apply scientific rigor and a repeatable process to what is actually …

Crypto Excess Goes Mainstream

Tyler Linsten Investing

Nope, #NotFromTheOnion. The Grey Lady covers the bubble. This piece on the digital currency madness from the New York Times over the weekend is something to behold. Just read it for some quality entertainment. Here are some references you won’t want to miss: Crypto Castle Modern-day Atlantis Crypto Crackhouse Mr. Bigglesworth CoinDaddy This passage is particularly amusing, given the typically obsessive devotion to decentralization that is normally the mantra of crypto-people: A global order? Frickin’ brilliant.

Fine, Let’s Talk about Bitcoin

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Not to be confused with my Fine, Let’s Talk about Trump post. I’ve held off on writing about this one for quite a while now. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading/listening up on the topic. Cryptocurrency has taken the financial world by storm and it’s THE topic of the day. If you haven’t heard of it then I salute you, because I, too, would love to live in the mountains with zero contact from the outside world. That said, people hire me to tell them what to do with their money so it’s my obligation to be in the know about what does or doesn’t make sense for their portfolios. Most is garbage to be sidestepped (hint, hint). Let’s …

An Update On My Personal Portfolio

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We’re beginning to wind down the year so I figured it would be fun to give a you a look “behind the curtain” of all the transactions I’ve made within my own portfolio in 2017. A lot of times clients probably wonder what I do with my own money so here’s a transparent look at the moves I’ve made…   Short-Term Trades Inspired By Over-Caffeinated Options Pit Trader Featured on CNBC:         Volatility ETF Short Sales:         Speculative Cryptocurrency Moonshot Bets:         Day Trades:         Night Trades:         Mid-Afternoon Trades:         Reactionary Put Option Buys in Response to Political Skullduggery:     …