Personal Finance 101 in a Single Picture

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Study up. You’re living the test. Spending the $1,000 results in an instant 100% loss in value, storing it in cash brings a 53% loss in value over 25 years, saving it brings a 22% loss in value over 25 years, but investing results in a 238% gain in value over 25 years. There are so many important bullet points to be extracted from the table above. These are lessons some people never learn and are more valuable the earlier you start: Spending money is not a great investing strategy, but prevents losses to inflation (this is sarcasm). Inflation is an absolute killer. It is the slow-churning, deadly assassin in your financial life. Even a 2% rate on cash in …

Stop Throwing Away Free Money, Emergency Savings Edition

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Yeah, you. Knock it off.  If you have any kind of sizable amount of cash saved outside of your retirement accounts, and many people do, then you’re probably passing up a nice chunk of change by letting it sit idle, earning little-to-nothing in interest. It’s understandable. You just accumulated it in a checking or savings account at your favorite bank, and it’s annoying to open new accounts. Inflation has been pretty low so you’re not too worried about earning nothing. And pretty much everything is better than opening a bank account. But now you can be paid handsomely all year for a few minutes of your time today. Seemingly overnight, we’re back to a more “normal” interest rate environment. The …

A New Leader in the Clubhouse

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When winning is losing. An exciting part of helping people with their portfolios is seeing what kind of BS they’ve been stuck with, and then reversing it immediately. Usually, the most common culprits are high-fee funds with fancy names. This week produced an all-time worst. Behold, Legg Mason’s QS Global Market Neutral Fund. Ticker: LNFIX. This particular younger client was stuck with this fund comprising 100% of two different IRAs they own, likely because it was very profitable for someone to do so, and the expense ratio is, get ready for it… No, I don’t think you’re ready yet… Have you grabbed a paper bag in anticipation of hyperventilating?… Get one. Take a deep breath… Grip the bag and put …

Q1 Client Letter

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Let’s chat about stock market volatility. You’re in for a treat — there’s only one Mariners reference in this version. [gview file=””]

Let’s Play an Annuity Game, Payout Start Date Edition

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Not to be confused with Let’s Needlessly Tinker with and Damage the Global Economy with Random Tariffs game.  QUICK: You have 20 seconds to read the Payout Start Date description below while assuming you yourself have owned the annuity since the 1990s. QUESTION: Can you begin payout now? 3… 2… 1… Pencils Down. Stumped, like I was? Now, maybe I’m just a little dense, but this passage seems extremely confusing and hard to understand. I had to read it multiple times to get a handle on what was possible. To be honest, I’m still only about 95% sure what it’s saying. I can’t get over how hilariously sad (sadly hilarious?) the phrase “on or before the later of” is. How …