Technology and Software

Here is a list of some of the technology I use directly with clients:



Betterment Institutional is a third-party custodian and service provider for independent investment advisors and their clients. They offer exciting tools like automatic rebalancing, TLH+ (algorithmic tax-loss harvesting), SmartDeposit and low-cost globally diversified investment portfolios – all without commissions. iOS and Android apps available for clients.


blueleafBlueleaf offers clients a simple online portal to view all of their accounts, follow performance, track transactions and securely upload documents all under one login. Think of, but with a focus on investments.


Docusign provides clients with an easy-to-use electronic signature platform. Almost all aspects of  the client experience can now be done without paper — it is the exception to need a handwritten signature for most forms.


goalgamiPro provides clients with easy-to-understand, *simple* goals-based financial plans. You’ll never see a goalgami plan longer than 8 pages — and that’s a great thing! Clients receive reports that provide apples-to-apples comparisons for all current and expected: assets, liabilities, income and expenses — all accounting for inflation and taxes.


Maximize My Social Security, produced by an author of the best-seller Get What’s Yours, helps clients understand their best choices regarding Social Security benefits. We take official Social Security estimates for each client and MMSS will build a claiming strategy based on many factors unique to each client.


NetX360 is the client-facing software and mobile app for Shareholders Service Group (SSG), a third-party custodian providing clients of independent investment advisors with brokerage services. iOS and Android apps available for clients.


PayPal helps millions of people and businesses across the world securely transact payments in confidence. PayPal is utilized for some clients who opt to safely pay with a credit or debit card, or their PayPal account, at no extra cost to them.