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Possibly one in a million.

Possibly one in a million.

What does a picture of a sunset have to do with investing? Quite a lot, in my book, actually. I’ll quickly elaborate.

I live in a very scenic area of Seattle near Alki Beach so I find myself lucky enough to be in place to view a lot of beautiful sunsets. My phone’s full of sunset pictures. Most of them are just average, a few are pretty forgetful but then there is the picture above. It’s an absolute masterpiece. I may never again capture something so amazing. Yet, most importantly, I’ll keep trying.

This process is a lot like investing. It has parallels to a tenet I hope my clients are sick of me talking about: staying focused on the long-term. Keeping your portfolio allocated appropriately while remaining patient is going to eventually produce positive returns. It’s important to keep a process, regardless of short-term market results. If the process is sound it will produce returns over time. But only if you keep it up. Warren Buffett agrees.

With the same mindset, I’m going to keep my camera pointed toward the Olympic Mountains at sunset, hoping to one-up the above picture.

The market rewards patience. So does the Western sky.