Net Worth: Where Do You Rank?

Tyler Linsten Personal Finance

Thanks to a great share on Twitter by @Jesse_Livermore, we have this very interesting gem of a chart:

Screenshot 2015-08-10 at 12.09.52 AM

Reading between the lines, the Under 35 cohort reveals a fascinating tidbit: a homeless “Millennial” with no assets and no debt has a higher net worth than 30% of his/her peers. Think about that one for a second!

Just because you’re in a high (low) net worth percentile, it doesn’t have much to do with your specific financial goals but we all have a conditioned desire to be graded against our peers after all of that standardized testing in school, right? It’s a guilty pleasure in this case – if you’re in an upper percentile, that is.

Now that I have you thinking about net worth, some gratuitous self-promotion for my Personal Balance Sheet Tool (a simple, one-page worksheet to determine your net worth):


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