Fees, Fiduciaries and Orlando The Cat

Tyler Linsten Investing

I regularly pound the table on keeping fees low, giving advice for client best interest first and avoiding active management. Honestly, it’s pretty much all I write about here. You might be sick of it – sorry – but on Sunday night a great summary in video form was released.

If you aren’t sick of it and you’re open to having it pounded into your head in a different way, or you just like great journalism, watch this absolutely great piece by John Oliver from HBO’s Last Week Tonight (with some NSFW language):

Topics include knowing who your advisor is and how he/she makes their money, compound interest, longevity risk, 401(k) fees, the DOL fiduciary rule, and why you should only check your account about once a year, among others. John must have viewed my September 2015 post from this blog on how terrible the MFS “Active Management” commercial is. Either way, his piece is a must-watch for any investor.