A Free Lunch After All*

Tyler Linsten Personal Finance

…But it only feels free because you paid for it so long ago you forgot about it. 

Check out Washington state’s “Claim Your Cash” website to see if you have money waiting for you to snag. It could be from a class action settlement check that never made it to you, a bank account your forgot about, or from numerous other sources, but it’s pretty fun to type your name in to see what might pop up. I’ve already found a few hundred dollars for clients and family members. If you have a hunch there’s other money owed to you, whether it be federal tax refunds or from a mortgage settlement, among others, check out the federal version, too.

It’s not technically a “free” lunch, but definitely worth the five seconds. Some amounts might be too small to pursue but the return on your invested time to check and follow up could be huge. Good luck!