A strong union is made of strong members


…But solidarity is not enough: a financially strong membership is better able to withstand employer action, and it begins with each individual member.



Alder Cove Capital, LLC is the only independent Investment Advisor firm dedicated to providing West Coast Longshoremen and Longshorewomen, and their families, with affordable fiduciary financial planning and investment management. A pro-union advisor who understands how unique it is to work on the waterfront can serve Longshore members with customized solutions they deserve.

Here’s a dirty secret:


The employers use the 401(k) as a weapon against the union.


See how high fees and lost gains impact every member’s future:

Longshore 401(k) Plan by the Numbers:

What’s so wrong with the plan?
To start, there Are
Investment Options
and just
Index Funds.
of 401(k) assets are actively managed. (DOL Form 5500)

Actively managed funds consistently perform worse than index funds, and the direct cost to investors is also much higher – a double whammy.

The following free calculator provides a detailed estimate of exactly how unnecessarily high fees, poorly performing funds and investing mistakes could be costing you:


Click here to see how your account is affected


You should be furious – but there is a solution.


The process starts with education: The aim of this page, and the tools included, has been to provide an unfiltered, expert view of what should be considered to be a financial emergency for essentially every member. It continues with action. Logical questions many members ask:

  • “How do I allocate my investments given such poor choices?”
  • “If I expect a full pension, should I invest more heavily in stocks, or bonds?”
  • “What happens if we ever lose all or part of our pension benefits?”
  • “I earn much more today than I expect to during retirement, so should I still contribute to a Roth 401(k)?”
  • How should I invest other savings outside of my 401(k)?

Financial planning and investment management are crucial components of attaining financial security, especially in an increasingly difficult economy for organized labor. The membership is in need of financial advice – the proof is literally in the numbers – and it needs to be from a trustworthy source. 

Please feel free to take a look around the site to learn more about Alder Cove Capital, LLC’s commitment to a fiduciary standard as a fee-only, independent Investment Advisor.

Here are a few links to get started:

  • Who

    Tyler Linsten, ACC founder and investment advisor, lives in Seattle, graduated from the University of Washington and has worked on the waterfront in Seattle for ten years. View Bio.

  • What

    Here’s a quick post, “What I Believe“, detailing philosophies and preferences in rapid fire format. Much more insight can also be found on the ACC blog. Or, shh, the Secret Master Plan.

  • Why

    The cost of an advisor should be dwarfed over the long-term by the value they bring each client. Read “Why Hire an Advisor?” to see how a low-fee advisor is especially important.

  • How

    How does the advisor/client process work? How much does it cost? (Less than you think) Where are my investments held? All great questions, all answered in the FAQ.